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  • Multispot Welding Machine Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • Multispot Welding Machine Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • Multispot Welding Machine Manufacturers - Kirpekar
  • Multispot Welding Machine Manufacturers - Kirpekar

Multispot Welding Machine

Technical Specifications

Kirpekar Make Multispot welding machine is used to make spots at certain intervals on the sheets placed one above the other. 6 spots required to be made on these elements. The top and bottom electrodes are moved with Hydraulic cylinders. At a time one electrode from top and corresponding bottom electrode move towards the sheets and welding will take place.

This machine uses water cooled welding transformer and Microprocessor based Welding Controller Kirpekar make.

Motorized indexing will be provided for indexing the sheet with predefined length Kirpekar-make microprocessor based welding controller. One welding controller is used to fire the all six welding transformers one after another. This controller is designed to withstand the fluctuations in the source voltage supply. The machine uses 6 SCR units connected to the one welding controller and it energize six welding transformers one after another.

Machine is capable of average speed of 2m/ min.

Key Features:
  • The machine is capable of processing about 4 tons material with an average length of about 2m per shift.
  • The machine needs no operator. It is fully automatic. The user must input the length and number of panels on the screen and the machine operates automatically. This machine directly saves manpower.
  • This machine is user friendly for operations and is completely maintenance free with high quality material used for rollers, die-sets. Gearboxes, high end servo motors, hydraulics and software that is easy to use with inbuilt diagnostics to assist maintenance.
  • Our tools are manufactured with Special Care. Superior quality material and high quality treatment along with inspections at each stage ensure a high quality maintenance free product.

Technical Specifications
  • Model KMSW 75
  • TRANSFORMER (AC, Single Phase) Kirpekar Make
  • Model-KTS- 75 X 6 nos.
  • Capacity at 50 % Duty Cycle 150
  • Rated Input Voltage 415 V, Three Phase, 50 Hz
  • Hydraulic Welding Heads with Copper Electrodes & Brass Holders - 12 nos.
  • Six Welding Head on Top and Six Welding Head at Bottom
  • Cylinder Dia. X Stroke in mm 40 X 20
  • Max. Weld Force at 35 bar in kg-f 450
  • Cooling Water Volume requirement in lit/min 120
  • Machine Size in mm *(W X D X H) Approx.
  • Machine Working Height in mm (approx.) 900-1000
  • AC Controller Kirpekar make Welding Controller – 3 nos.
  • Servo Motor Servo Motor Driven indexing of panel with pitch adjustment
  • Cabinet for PLC & Wiring and PLC Cabinet to Control Sequence Of operation.
  • Reputed make Hydraulic Power Pack Reputed Make
  • Material Type 1 MS Sheet
  • Material Type 2 MS Sheet
  • Material Type 1 Thickness upto 1.5 mm
  • Material Type 2 Thickness upto 1.5mm
  • Application SPOT Welding Of Radiator Panels
  • Language English
  • Machine Painting Color RAL 6011 (Green)
  • Control Cabinet/Pendent RAL 7032 (Siemens Gray)
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